Getting Back To Work

Our thorough work injury rehabilitation program will help you get back to work quickly and safely. We’ll work with your adjustors, case managers and/or risk managers to make this process as smooth as possible. We understand that being out of work can be a hardship and we offer same and next day appointments to ensure you get quality care, faster.

Physical Therapy

At Therapydia, we focus on individualized care designed to support injured workers who are unable to return to the workplace. For those who work in jobs that require lifting or pulling/pushing weight, we’ll provide you with ergonomic education and a full body analysis to make sure that you’re utilizing your body movements in the most efficient way. Our worker physical therapy rehabilitation program treats worker with all types of musculoskeletal injuries that may occur on-the-job.

• One-on-one, hands-on physical therapy care
• Custom treatment plan to reduce pain and improve range-of-motion and strength
• Posture and ergonomic education to reduce injury risks

Work Hardening & Work Conditioning

When injured workers meet their physical therapy goals but are unable to return to work due to the need for further conditioning, you may benefit from a structured work hardening or work conditioning program. Work hardening and work conditioning, terms often are used interchangeably, is typically the last phase of a physical therapy treatment plan before you return to your job.. Through work task simulation and conditioning, we’ll help you safely transition back to work and to prevent re-injury.

Our PTs will ask you to describe your work duties and design a program that mimics your daily job functions. Our approach provides a solid team effort involving you, your treating physician, and your employer. The program consists of:

• Individualized, goal oriented treatment program designed to promote comprehensive and cost-effective recovery
• Real or work-simulated activities to restore physical, behavioral, and vocational functions.
• Treatment sessions designed to restore an individual’s strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination in order to perform job functions

Let’s work together to get you back to work! We have multiple locations across Portland metro area. Contact us today!