Therapydia Annual Assessments for Injury Prevention

Physical therapists are experts in structural and functional biomechanics who can not only help you recover from injury or surgery, but also prevent injuries from occurring. As life expectancies increase, many people are focused on the prevention of injury in order to maintain active, productive lifestyles. Chronic pain is a build of many minor injuries that are largely preventable or minimized. Similar to how you visit your dentist periodically to make sure your teeth are healthy, visiting your physical therapist every year can help you fine-tune your movements and prevent injury and pain.

We offer a variety of Annual Assessments – Balance, Performance and Ergonomic – that are based on demographic norms and evidence-based research. We’ll help you identify important areas to focus on in order to reduce your risk of injury and help us choose the best wellness program to meet your goals. After each assessment, we’ll create a custom program to help you reach your wellness goals.

physical therapy assessment


Our Balance Assessment providers seniors with the tools and movement metrics to enable healthy aging. We’ll focus on key aspects of daily life and activities that are important to today’s seniors such as proper balance, coordination and flexibility. With the Balance Assessment, you’ll not only avoid the dreaded fall but also be able to play with grandchildren or take a walk in the park without any pain.


Our Performance Assessment is geared towards a weekend warrior to an elite athlete. Physical therapists are the experts optimizing your movement patterns, making your PT the perfect addition to your training team! Your Performance Assessment will review what activities/sports you partake in and will help you uncover your sport-specific injury risks and how to avoid to in order to reach your performance goals. Never miss a season or a beautiful day due to an untimely injury.


Our Ergonomic Assessment caters to anyone who wants to monitor their health and avoid injury. Whether you work in an office or manufacturing setting or just want to improve your movement patterns to avoid injury, we can help you establish a baseline and track your strength, balance, endurance, balance and posture metrics over time. With this wealth of data, we can help you lead a healthier, happier life.

Group Pricing

We offer a 15% discount on any of the above assessments for groups of 5 or more. This special pricing is perfect for corporate wellness programs, athletic teams and assisted living homes. For groups, we may also be able to provide on-site services.

Contact us to schedule an Annual Assessment.