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Therapydia was recommended to me and they are awesome! John at the front desk is very welcoming and helpful. Joanne is super caring and has helped ease my neck pain! Another plus is that they are on time and doesn’t make you wait!

These guys are the best. There is a reason everyone gives them 5 stars. At first glance, it’s the personal attention really separates this practice from others. But then you find that not only does the team want to make sure you are getting their full attention, but they want to make sure you see results, too. I work with Jennifer, and she is terrific.

Dr Tim Vidale is a miracle worker. I have been with him for about 8 weeks and am amazed by the improvements throughout my neck, upper and lower back. He knows the human body like a map and can pinpoint targeted areas that need work/treatment. Dr Vidale has also been very helpful advising me on ergonomic positions while using the computer, as extended sitting was uncomfortable for me and wrote a letter on my behalf advising my employer to provide a standing desk. He obviously deeply cares about his patients, which is one of the many outstanding traits of his practice.

What Causes Neck Pain?

Neck pain is a frequent and often debilitating condition—it is second in total workers compensation costs in the United States. A variety of mechanisms for neck pain have been proposed such as arthritis, trauma, cervical disc, and myofascial pain syndrome. Neck pain is classified by the effect on the patient. For example, one type of neck pain with headaches is referred to as a cerviocranial headache while neck pain with radiating pain is often referred to as spondylosis with radiculopathy or cervical disc disorder with radiculopathy. Oftentimes, neck pain not only affect your neck but also causes pain in your back and shoulder. All of these neck pains including cervicalgia can be treated with physical therapy.

Possible causes:

  • Poor work station ergonomics with repetitive activities
  • May or may not have specific changes to neck structures as noted on imaging
  • Heavy lifting and manual work
  • Trauma such as car accident
  • Stress leading to overworked muscles
  • Signs & Symptoms

      Generally, neck pain is felt directly around the neck area but it could also be felt through the upper arm, shoulder blade, forearm, or hand. Therefore, neck pain can be felt in secondary areas beyond the neck as well. Neck conditions have the potential to become chronic if the source of the pain isn’t treated.

      • Limitations in cervical range of motion with pain
      • Decreased coordination and decreased endurance of deep neck flexor musculature
      • Decreased flexibility of the neck musculature
      • Upper extremity symptoms that are aggravated with specific neck symptoms
      • Rounded shoulder position from cycling or bodybuilding

    Why PT?

      Addressing neck pain involves a multi-faceted approach to treatment. A full spinal assessment is needed to get to the root of the neck pain. A physical therapist looks for weaker links in the chain of pain and puts together a plan of action on how to treat your condition. An initial spinal assessment could involve looking at the state of your tissues, joints, and spinal alignment while collecting baseline measurements of your range of motion, mobility, flexibility, and levels of pain.

      • Manual therapy to manipulate the cervical spine and surrounding areas such as the shoulders in order to increase your neck’s natural range of motion as well as breakdown any damaged tissue.
      • Postural training to educate you on how to set-up your workstation to make sure you’re not applying excess strain on certain parts of your neck.
      • Custom exercises to strengthen muscles around your neck and shoulder.

    About Therapydia DC

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    At Therapydia DC, our physical therapists offer one-on-one, hands-on neck treatment. You’ll spend your entire with one of our expert therapists – we won’t hand you off to a PT assistant or aide. We’ll help you understand what’s causing your pain, what you can do to relieve your pain and ways to prevent reoccurring injuries. Best of all, you’re covered. Therapydia works with and provides billing for most PPO insurance groups and Medicare. We also accept cash-based payments.

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